Ceramic Trims

  • Mirage 4"x4" Pencil Liner

    La Maison en Pierre

    Mirage 4"x4" Pencil Liner

    **SOLD BY PIECE** The perfect way to finish the edge of our Mirage 4"x4" Collection. Offered in each color, t…

  • Mirage 2"x10" Rustic Bullnose

    La Maison en Pierre

    Mirage 2"x10" Rustic Bullnose

    **SOLD BY PIECE** Our Mirage collection in 2"x10" is the perfect way to add color and elegance to your backsp…

  • Zahara Ceramic Collection Liners

    La Maison en Pierre

    Zahara Ceramic Collection Liners

    **Sold by Piece** Finish off the perfect install of our Zahara Ceramic Collection with a clean liner! Offered…

  • Clayton 1/2"x12" Liners

    La Maison en Pierre

    Clayton 1/2"x12" Liners

    **SOLD BY PIECE** Clayton 3x12 Ceramic line would not be complete without a finishing piece.  Our Clayto…