Which Interior Design Are You!?!

Which Interior Design Are You!?!

Posted by Arianna on Mar 7th 2023

Interior design styles are so unique to everyone just like a hair style or taste in food. You can mix styles to create your own or stick with one of the many that already exist.

We have tile and products that appeal to every style out there but some of our favorites are listed below with some fun choices for each that we love!

Lets talk Modern Farmhouse! A personal ideal of mine, Joanna Gaines, really made me fall in love with this style. The use of shiplap and barn doors will always be a staple but to add that modern twist you can open your floor plan, add some sleek lighting, and our Clayton 3x12 Snow Frame Picket is my favorite addition for a backsplash in this style. 


Transitional Design is one of the most popular in todays market due to the happy blend of a few other styles like traditional and contemporary. Carrara anything is my suggestion when working with a client building off this style. Carrara is a great neutral that will allow the furniture and textiles used to be the star of this show. With transitional, the accessories we like to use are area rugs, neutral colored pillows and blankets. 


Mid Century Modern is another design style we offer plenty of tile to satisfy. My favorite aspect of this style is the bringing the outdoors inside. Meaning using different woods, concrete tiles, and colors that are inspired by our earth. Our Nature Walk line is the perfect collection to use for this style along with our Ancient Rock Porcelain Collection and Trottoir Collection

Do you have a style you love and want to share why you love it? Send us an email and you can be a featured writer for our next blog post!