Where to start when thinking about redoing your bathroom!

Where to start when thinking about redoing your bathroom!

Posted by Arianna on Feb 28th 2024

Do you have a bathroom in your home that you are sick of and want to remodel? It may be overwhelming thinking about where and how to even begin this process but this blog can be a small guide line to ease your mind! Lets walk through some of the main steps from start to finish.

First things first, find some inspiration! Google, Instagram, Pinterest, and even LMP Home can be some great sources for bathroom design ideas. Also renovation TV shows are great ways to get inspired as well. My personal favorite is Fixer Upper! Once you have a few design ideas, colors, styles, and maybe layout ideas, you can start sourcing some tiles you want to use for the floor, shower or tub walls if you have, and maybe a wains coat around the bathroom. If you can't decide want kind of tiles to use, you can read our blog on which tiles are best for bathrooms and why!  Finding tiles to fit your inspiration ideas can be time consuming but doing this research and finding your perfect tile is worth all the time! Remember, tile is almost permanent as it is not an easy thing to just replace. We offer free design help here via phone call or zoom! Sign up today to make this process a little more simple. 

So you have your inspiration and you found your tiles, what's next? Lets find a crew! Whether that's hiring a contractor to handle this remodel or if you are a DIY enthusiast, that is the next step. If hiring a contractor, make sure you do your research on them as well. Make sure they have a good track record, are reliable, and have excellent communications skills. If DIY, then start to gut that bathroom! Once the bathroom is gutted, your prep work should start for the plumbing, electric (if changing) and new beautiful tiles you picked out! (At this point, it is a good idea to purchase your tiles so you have them on stand by for when you are ready to install so there is no delay)

While you are installing or having your tiles installed, lets start picking out the rest of the bathroom items! What fixtures/ color fixtures are you using, what kind and color of vanity are you using, what kind of light fixtures if any are you using, and what color are you going paint the walls that will not be tiled. Start sourcing these items and purchasing. It is better to have these when the installer is ready or your self so you are not waiting on delivery or delays if there is any. Your dream bathroom is almost done! 

Next step! Once all the above is installed, grouted, painted, and in, lets decorate! This is the fun part. Go back to your inspiration photos. Is there décor you liked from these, do you have a favorite picture that you want to hang up in there, what shape mirror are you using. All fun items that can be done over time but really add your special flare to the bathroom design. 

You're done! Although this may take weeks to complete, if you break this down into steps, it will ease the confusion and headache that may come with remodels. Need more help, we are here to help you through this process. Schedule a free design consultation and we can give you a small outline of your own to walk you through your personal project.