Master Bathroom Tub and Tile Accents!

Master Bathroom Tub and Tile Accents!

Posted by Arianna on Oct 12th 2022

When designing, we always get asked "does a master bathroom need a tub and if so what tile goes behind or underneath?" This is a great question! No you do not need to have a bath tub but if you do, it is the perfect way to add an accent tile!


If you do have a bath tub, this is a feature tile heaven! There are a few different ways you can add your feature. The first which is most common is the feature accent wall behind the tub. Mosaics are perfect for this and really give you the opportunity to play with color, shapes, and textures. A beautiful mosaic option for the wall Opus Tours, with a light hint of blue, this is just the right amount of color.


The second way to add your accent is a mosaic carpet in front of the tub. This is a more traditional feature accent but is still a great way to put your mosaic of choice in your master bathroom! I personally love Sharina for a carpet accent lined with a carrara border and your on the way to a master piece!


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