How to design your butlers pantry or home bar!

How to design your butlers pantry or home bar!

Posted by Arianna on Mar 9th 2023

Do you have either a butlers pantry or home bar in your house and wondering how to give it a makeover? Lets chat about it!

First lets start with what a butlers pantry is. A butlers pantry is a small transitional room between the dining area and the kitchen. The primary purpose of this space is to act like a service station or storage room. Often used for food or drink prep, this is room that will be used so why not make it a place you enjoy looking at! Generally you use the same cabinet color as your kitchen along with the same counter top but the backsplash can be something fun, patterned, and completely different. For a butlers pantry backsplash, I love our Felicity 6"x6" in Carrara. The neutral colors match with almost anything and you gain the extra beauty of carrara marble. Fun subway tiles are great for this area as well. Our Zahara Collection would be my next suggestion for a butlers pantry backsplash due to the variation in this ceramic. Offered in 3 different sizes, this tile is a no brainer. 

Home Bars are the next area you may be looking to spruce up. The home bar I do not think needs any explanation. Depending on your style, you can really have some fun with this. Our Clayton 3x12 Gold or Silver is a great way to make a statement. If this is too flashy for your taste, a wood porcelain on the wall for a backsplash in a bar setting is awesome! Not only will it be different, it will give you a rustic vide like no other.  

Need help designing one of these areas or another? Schedule a free design meeting with our team today! 

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