Can Mosaic Tiles be Installed Outside?

Can Mosaic Tiles be Installed Outside?

Posted by Stefanie on Sep 13th 2021

What is a mosaic?

Mosaics are arrangements of small pieces of hard material displayed together to create a picture or pattern. Stone, tile and glass are all perfect materials for this type of display and make for beautiful finishes when installed. When purchasing mosaics for your home, they typically come in separate sheets that can be arranged together to make the process of displaying a large quantity much easier!


Can I use mosaic tiles outside?

Yes! Mosaic tiles make a great addition to outdoor spaces. They just require a different application to ensure they are safe from water and outdoor elements. Use mosaics to bring a unique and colorful finish to your outdoor space!

How should outdoor mosaics be installed?

It's very important to install outdoor mosaics using weather-resistant materials whenever possible! It's best to use outdoor grout, as well as a thinset bonding mortar, which creates a strong bond while resisting moisture and mold growth. Also, be sure to use a concrete backing rather than wood! Wood will absorb moisture overtime and change form with the humidity, which will lead to tiles falling off later on. Concrete provides for a nice sturdy surface that can bear the weight of heavier tile for prolonged amounts of time! 

When should outdoor mosaics be installed?

According to The Spruce, it's best to install outdoor tile between 50-100°F, as colder temperatures will not only increase cure time, but will also make for a weaker bond. Any temperature greater than 100°F will cause the grout to cure too quickly, also resulting in a weak bond. It's also recommended to lay outdoor tile when you know there will be 2-3 days of consistent good weather, to allow the materials to set properly without being compromised. To find more detailed instruction on installing outdoor tile, please refer to the article referenced (link below).

For information on how to successfully install outdoor tile, as well as which types of products to use, please check this article, How to Install Outdoor Tile, by The Spruce:

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