Where ceramic tiles are used and Why?

Do you ever look at all the tile options and wonder which type of tile goes where? In this post, I will go over where you can use Ceramic Tiles! Ceramic Tiles have so much versatility when it comes to where you can install them and why you should.

Showers, bathroom walls, kitchen backsplashes, even accent walls in a powder room or behind a bar, the possibilities are almost endless.  These are just some examples of where you can use these great little pieces of art. Ceramic tiles and even ceramic mosaics have come a long way from just plain 3x6 subways tiles and 2x2 mosaics.  With factories having the ablitly to color match to paint colors like Pantone and new shapes and textures being developed, they have created a way to give elegance to your space with out breaking the bank.  

Now lets talk about why you might what to choose ceramic in these areas of your home.  The first thing that always comes to my mind is cleaning!  Ceramic tiles are a low maintenance tile because you can really just spray your cleaner and wipe clean. No special cleaners are really needed for ceramic (unless you choose metallic finishes) unlike stone where you have to be careful what you are using so it does not damage the surface.  The cleaning element of ceramic can be important to you if you are busy or for example if you cook often, this might be a great backsplash material for this reason.  


Style is the next why.  Subway tiles are not boring anymore with different sizes, textures, and finishes. You can also create different layouts like herringbones, brick joint layouts, and stacking the tile to give it a more modern look. With different finishes as well, you can create your own design by mixing glossy, matte, and a texture on one wall to create an accent feature wall or a custom backsplash.  Shapes are also becoming big in the ceramic market, for example pickets, triangles, and specialty mosaic shapes. There is truly a ceramic for everyone. 

Cost! Lets face it, we all want to redo a bathroom or a kitchen backsplash but stone mosaics and handmade tiles can become expensive.  Ceramic allows you to pick the colors you want, a style you will love, and a bank account that will still be happy! 

With so many options on where to install and all the styles you can choose from, it can be confusing on what to pick! If you have any questions or need design help for you next or current project, feel free to chat with us and our design team will be more than happy to help! Be sure to check out our featured ceramic exclusive to LMP | Home Clayton 3"x12"

Happy Shopping!