Tile and Our Fur-babies!

by Arianna

Our Fur-babies are such an important part of our lives but they do not always play nice when it comes to things in our home, such as furniture and flooring. I can't help with the furniture but I can lend some advise when it comes to flooring!


There are two major types of flooring you can use in your home that will stand up to pets. Vinyl Tile and Porcelain. Lets discuss porcelain first since it has been around a little longer than our new vinyl friend. 

Porcelain tile is one of the most durable tile flooring options on the market. With so many different styles and patterns, from wood looking porcelain tiles and even stone looking, you can really have what ever look you want with the peace of mind that the floor will last almost a lifetime. When it comes to porcelain, we do recommend a natural or honed finish for dogs or cats. Glossy porcelain could have a tendency to scratch or scuff.


Our other suggestion is Vinyl Tile. Vinyl offers the same durability as porcelain but with an easier install and it is often times less expensive than porcelain. Wood Vinyl planks have become extremely poplar with basements, rental homes, kitchens, entry ways and even mudrooms due to their durability and lifetime warranties. Vinyl tile is normally in a matte or natural finish, so you do not have to worry about scratches and most brands (like our vinyl we offer) are scratch, stain, dent resistant, and 100% waterproof. 

Each option will bring a different style to your home but the most important part is that you and your fur-baby will be happy campers in your house! Check out these great flooring options today and be sure to order free samples to see them in person. 

Happy Shopping!