Refreshing Your Kitchen on a Budget!

Refreshing Your Kitchen on a Budget!

Feb 9th 2023

Getting tired of your kitchen, but don't have the budget to completely redo it? We are here to help! From painting your cabinets to changing your backsplash, a new look can be more affordable than you know!

Lets start with the cabinets. Can you paint your kitchen cabinets? Of course! Like any furniture, paint can change the look of a space instantly. This does require a lot of work but if you are willing to put in the work, it can save you a pretty penny! When painting your cabinets, make sure they are prepped! Sanding is key to making sure the existing paint or stain is removed completely.  Once sanded, pick your paint (this can be any interior paint or specific cabinet paint if you prefer). If you choose interior paint, an additional sealer may be required at the end of painting.  Guidelines for cabinet painting can also be found online. 


Since you saved money with your cabinets, the next step is backsplash tile! Changing the backsplash in your kitchen will update the space automatically. A subway tile will be the most cost effective way to achieve this like our Clayton 3x12 Snow Frame Picket. With the unique shape and beautiful bevel design, this tile will brighten and wow your guest for years to come. Since this tile is white, it is great to match with your existing countertop and your new choice of cabinet color. Installing a backsplash isn't as hard as you may think. There are online guides and videos that can walk you through this process if you wish. If not, a tile installer will be sure to get the job done right. 

With simply changes like this, you can reach your goal of a fresh look. Even small changes make the biggest difference. The above are just suggestions on ways to update and there are many more ideas and possibilities.