Lacie Bricks Porcelain Subway Collection

Looking for a subway tile with no limitations? You found it! Lacie Bricks are not only a subway tile but a PORCELAIN SUBWAY TILE! This means floor and wall use is approved!

This little 2"x10" porcelain subway is made in Italy featuring five beautifully crafted colors that truly work with any design. Like mentioned above, since this is porcelain you have the ablitly to install this on the walls or the floor. 

It can also be set into different patterns such as a herringbone, staggered bricks, or stacked for a more modern feel. The colors are all neutrals which makes them perfect for a large area because they will fit seamlessly into a kitchen design as a backsplash or a bathroom design as the main wall tile. Lacie Bricks Collection also comes in glossy and matte finishes with a handmade look to the tile that bring a warmth to this tile. 

Here are all the collection details!

  • Material = Porcelain
  • Finishes = Glossy and Matte
  • Size = 2"x10"
  • Colors = Bianco, Black, Sabbia, Sky Blue, Grigio
  • Made in = Italy
  • Floor and wall use
  • Matching bullnose (in each color and finish)
  • 5.58sf per box (22 pcs per box)
  • Priced on our website per square foot

For more information or questions, please feel free to reach out! Our agents are ready to help! 

Happy Shopping!