How to Style our Yenn mosaic!

by Arianna

Yenn has arrived and we couldn't be more excited! Since this is an all blue and white mosaic, you may be wondering how to style this in your design or how to design around this beauty.

First, lets talk stones. Yenn features Blue Celeste and Dolomite. Two stones that are so versatile. This mosaic is also completely honed which makes it perfect for any application such as bathroom walls and floors, feature walls, backsplashes, and even shower floors. Something to keep in mind is these are still natural stones so the maintenance and will care for this tile will be more extensive than a ceramic or porcelain.  

How to design with Yenn. This should be your show stopper in your next project due to the pattern and color. Putting this in mind, it is better to pair this tile with a simple field, such as dolomite in 12"x24" or 4"x12" or blue celeste in 3"x12". Yenn could be your entire floor with one of these options on the walls or even a ceramic on the walls in white or a blue. Use Yenn as an entire feature wall in your shower or you bathroom vanity wall with a field tile on the floor to create a alluring space. 

This is also a perfect kitchen backsplash mosaic either for the entire backsplash or an accent.

Samples are available for Yenn just like all our products on LMP | Home so don't hesitate!

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